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SMG Street Exclusive

December 3, 2010

Testing out the t2i video feature.

Washed out the color and amped up the exposure…just for fun.

Nathan R. & Stephen R. video exclusive



Seattle / Bellevue Men’s Fashion Boutique

January 20, 2009



I picked my favorite clothing store…closest to the computer I am working at right now.

Marqsmen.  It is in Bellevue – don’t laugh, its legitimate!  Yes, yes Belle-Gay or AfflictionLand (affliction being the clothing brand).  Whatever!   Marqsmen was featured in this years:  Esquire’s {The} Big Black Book!!


Marcus, the man who runs the show (and owns the store) does a fantastic  job buying as many of his labels are unique to Seattle.  His recent National and International soujourning brings back labels such as, McQ Alexander McQueen, Trovata, Jack Spade, Yohji Yamamoto & Martin Margiela.  For the usual Seattle – Bellevue crowd he carries tedious Nordstrom-like labels;  7 For All Man Kind, Rock & Republic & Earnest Sewn.   You can find more at

Fortunately Fashion in Seattle is expanding.  As it does, I will keep you updated on events, stores and general info. I will select the things worth your while and even those I do not particularily desire…Besides its up to each one to decide – the reason I have included polls on each post!


Yves Saint Laurent – Cruise

January 17, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent
Cruise 2009

soon to come – sailboats & yachts
Selections from Online Shopping Boutique


Website Art

January 16, 2009

What I may appreciate most about fashion is that it encorporates and includes whole spectrum of the arts.  Fashion shows exhibit lighting and set design, websites parade creative graphic and visual art, while clothing is an art form itself.  With each new clothing line selected come the discovery of a new artist.

Please view this very entertaining and amusing website.

Selections form Shipley & Halmos



Bless Nathan’s <3

January 13, 2009

We share this love…of old cafe style racer bikes. Bless Nathan and the Italians!!!  Now watch the selection of sweet oldschool riding!


IDS – Designers Remix Collection

January 13, 2009

International Designer Showcase

Designer:  Charlotte Eskildsen

Country: Denmark

Collection: Ready to Wear Spring Summer 09

Scandinavian clothing line designer, Designers Remix Collection, is said to be inspired by the unpredictability of women making for an “edgy and slightly askew” style.

Recently Ms. Eskildsen was nominated as the “Best Danish Designer” by her fashion peers and received the first Dansk Fashion Award.

“My designs are for positive, sophisticated women with poise and power…I love to intermingle different design elements in a way that re-defines femininity. And to give women a new reason for feeling beautiful.”

New reason for feeling beautiful?  Don’t all new clothes do that, ladies?



Sticker Sightings

January 10, 2009

  On my recent visit to Los Angeles I saw random postings of the stickers,  from Hollywood to Santa Monica…checkit

If you had not received my announcement that SS stickers have been released and would like to receive some, please contact me.