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IDS – Maison Vandenvos

February 21, 2009

International Designer Showcase:

Maison Vandenvos

Country:  Belgium


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IDS – Designers Remix Collection

January 13, 2009

International Designer Showcase

Designer:  Charlotte Eskildsen

Country: Denmark

Collection: Ready to Wear Spring Summer 09

Scandinavian clothing line designer, Designers Remix Collection, is said to be inspired by the unpredictability of women making for an “edgy and slightly askew” style.

Recently Ms. Eskildsen was nominated as the “Best Danish Designer” by her fashion peers and received the first Dansk Fashion Award.

“My designs are for positive, sophisticated women with poise and power…I love to intermingle different design elements in a way that re-defines femininity. And to give women a new reason for feeling beautiful.”

New reason for feeling beautiful?  Don’t all new clothes do that, ladies?



IDS – Bowie Wong

December 19, 2008

International Designer Showcase

Country: Hong Kong – Australia

Label: Bowie Wong, Bowie Genus & 31mo8.

The son of a HK Chinese opera singer, Bowie Wong moved to Tokyo to pursue a degree titled “Pure Art and Design’.  He later moved to study fashion design at East Sydney TAFE in Australia




IDS – Tramando

December 11, 2008
International Designer Showcase:  Tramando
Country:  Argentina
Their name comes from a blend of two Spanish words representing the action of textile making – woof and warp (weaving terms).
Tramando is an unique textile and clothing design house determined to develop new textiles and clothing materials.  They  produce their own fashion line by cooperating with manufacturing companies as well has running their textile Lab.







Armani Collezioni

December 10, 2008

Born 1934, the most successful Italian designer Giorgio Armani  has accumulated a personal fortune of $5 billion…he’s doing something right.

This hasn’t been necessarily selected for the “International Designer Showcase (IDS)” but it fits…and I like the selections from Armani Collezioni Fall 08



International Designer Showcase – Denis Simachev

December 10, 2008

I will be spotlighting various designers from other nations, thus I have begun the International Designer Showcase (IDS)

Because I am casually learning Russian  I have chosen to commence the IDS , with Denis Simachev, one Russias most contemporary fashion designers.  

Fall-Winter 08 – a line inspired by the “hero/gangster”.