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September 24, 2009

Victoria, Eriq and I went to this party @ BoConcept last night “The Longest Release Party Worldwide” making a fashionably late entrance (well-sort-of-entrance).    What a fantastic place to have a party, pre set lounge areas, individual living room nooks where couples could intimately discuss …. politics!  Every great party requires a well designed floor plan.  


“Architecture is fashion”     “Interior Design is fashion” 

It was my first time to wear my recent YSL purchase:  black w/ gold YSL tee under a black skinny suit, black suede like skinny rockstar pants and black pointy dress shoes.  Of course had a watch & ring with tousled hair that I recently highlighted platinum.   Don’t know if it looked good but     Overall = fun

Here’s the shirt on Japanese Model:YSL


Richard Blayne – Seattle Fashion Week

April 26, 2009


 Blayne Walsh, contestant on Project Runway 5 unveiled his Fall/Winter 2009 on the final day of Seattle Fashion Week. 

The resulting motif = Tribe of Blayne.  


Blayne Quotes:

“urban but not overdone” 

“modern street wear in very bright colors”

  “neon for life”  



“Aside from Naomi B. and Blaine Walsh, most of the collections lacked a vision or focus.” 

A quote taken from the Seattle PI columist Stacy Lucier – see link for a summation of her impressions and thoughts of Seattle Fashion Week. 

 That wraps up SFW09.   

Overall I agree with Ms. Lucier & her disposition on the overall legitimacy of SFW–sorry guys


Seattle Fashion Week

April 15, 2009

Officially kicked off tonight @ Amber

Seattle Fashion Week

Jonas Jensen Fremont Studios
155 N 35th St, Seattle


04.15.09: Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Kickoff Party (invitational only)

**04.16.09: Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Independent Designers Fashion Show

04.17.09- Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Urban Fashion Show

**04.18.09- Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Couture Fashion fw

  • **Come  Saturday (04.16 & 04.18), that is the show I’m walking in – Plus you will see the introduction of two top new models; Vladik – Debut show,  Eriq –  First Seattle appearance!!     
  • Thursday features the independent designers, meaning fresher than retail clothes & design, whereas Saturday will be the Couture Show.

Architecture Meets Fashion

March 26, 2009

Neil Barrett 

Coming from a British heritage of master tailors, Barrett was introduced to the art of fashion at an early age.  After a master degree in mens fashion he worked for Italian giant Gucci, Prada & even had a collaboration with Puma.  

In 1999 Barrett launched his self-named label and in 2006 this amazing store was opened in Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan.  I think there are strong coorelations between fashion & design.  Everything from the design lines, inspirations and philosophy –

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”   –   Coco Chanel 

Flagship store in Tokyo, Japan.

Architecture design by Zaha Hadid Architects

A few selections, from his label described as:    “his signature style stems from his reworking of iconic men’s wear details and fit.  The product’s broad appeal lies in Neils ability to combine timeless quality, wearability and fashion trend.”







| architecture meets fashion | fashion in seattle |


Philip Lim

February 15, 2009


3.1 Philip Lim

“beautiful clothes with added touches of madness, striving towards the imperfection”

Lim says, his clothes are meant to redefine as opposed to define.    Mixing classical with contemporary while reorganizing the rules of fashion, he  delivers approachable high-quality fashion.  Lim pays tremendous focus to the quality of fabrics while uniquely mixing heavy cashmeres, silk, worn cottons, and wools .

I would imagine Andre 3000 wearing these clothes.

Lim debuted his line fall of 2005 and has experienced instant success; being recognized for numerous prestigious awards & organization i.e. Vogue Magazine, Council of Fashion Designers of America, CGDA Swarovski Award for emerging Talent.


Fashion in Seattle | Seattle Fashion Design


Fashion Boutique in Seattle – I wish…

February 5, 2009

I just returned from the Twin Cities last night! 

Flying into Seattle weather was encouraging for once in my life.  My short 4 day trip to Minneapolis consisted of Single Digit weather –  enough to make my nose bleed, I’m serious!  The 66F temperature in Seattle left me wearing gloves as a fashion statement, as opposed to a necessity!

My reason for being in Minneapolis:  An awesome conference entitled Desiring Godhosted by John Piper and Bethlehem Baptist Church.  This was my second conference to attend but this time surpassed the previous.  This was a Pastor and Leadership Conference meaning the content was a bit thicker and meaningful, I highly recommend reading a John Piper book (yet the Bible I insist), many of which can be found at or by ordering one on  Furthermore I had some quality time with my Father and my Uncle, both key leaders in Action International Ministries.  And finally during this all (actually the morning after arriving), I made Stevon Selects discovery…..{see below}


 For over 30 years, Len Druskin has been the David Lawrence of the Twin Cities, providing premium labels for men and women.  Today, the son Michael Druskin is responsible for the buying and gives his father a run for his money…hopefully making them both more money. 

 I was pleasantly ammused with the store variety and design.  It was larger than a typical boutique style store and industrial and clean in ambience, reminding me of Ian in Seattle.  A fashionable, corteous and very NOT condescending young lady assisted me – the only customer in the store (it was at Monday at noon).  I was not a buying customer but a blogging customer yet she did not realize either.   Nevertheless she offered me Len Druskin labelled bottled water – I had never had it before but it tasted like AquaFina, duh! but a fine touch.

  I continued to browse and casually make conversation, while a bubbly and enthusiastic young employee entered the store as if he had been on an errand.  That was a pivotal moment you see because I realized what made this store distinguishable and a definte Stevon Select.  In that moment I dismissed the fact that they carried some very “boring” labels like Seven For All ManKind and Rock & Republic denim (The Saks Fifth next too them carries those and at a better price!) and realized that in comparison to many upscale shopping boutiques this one was down to earth!  It may sound simple or even arbitrary, but how many times have you entered a shop only to get fondeled by looks of bored snobbish attitudes or in some cases disguist!  To many times these boutique owners or employees like to to remind shoppers whose boss…quite a flaw when the customer is king!   In actuality this dreadful fashion superiority many times translates into a personality flaw.  I sensed neither a rude nor judgemental attitude in either of the two employees.  Fashion is too often coupled by snobbish andegotistic persona’s.  Thank you, Len Drunskin Man for being above that!  ( thats an essay like topic, so I’ll stop now)

Len Drunskin Man is rightfully confident – “If someone looks good around here, they probably shopped with us. ”

They carry mens brands like  Rag & Bone , Diesel Black,  Marc Jacobs, & J.Linberg – ultimately their attitude makes the clothes all that MORE ATTRACTIVE!!  So to Len & Son (michael) – Think about expanding and bring Len Drunskin Man to Seattle. 

You can find this store right outside Saks Fifth in what Minneapolites call the Galleria, or visit   ||fashion in seattle|| ||seattle fashion blog||



Fashion in Seattle – Atsui Tokyo

January 30, 2009

Should a clothing store depict local style, or should a sophisticated & authentic boutique integrate International and imported fashions?

—– Here’s the catch (for those local), Seattle fashion consists of North Face & Patagonia.  Good if your in the Himalaya’s but not good enough to be deemed fashion —–


Atsui Tokyo – is a boutique that displays sophistication & authenticity.  Tucked in a basement-like space off Madison St., Atsui’s clothing labels live up to the store thesis:  “Cutting-Edge Designer Fashion from, Tokyo, Japan for Men & Women.”  If the bright red A-board on 1st St. doesn’t capture your attention, then the selection will!    They stock brands like Mr. Olive, Man of Moods, Hysteric, Cookie Fortune and Filly O’Lynx.  Labels that any proper Japanese fashionista would adore!   Not familiar with such brands?! 

That is exactly why this is a Stevon Selection, as well as trying to assist Atsui Tokyo in their appeal to integrate International and imported Fashion to Seattle.  The atmosphere is nothing like that of a basement, especially with the perpetual “Poppy-Dancelike” Tokyo Cruise Compilation CD playing in the background.  After shopping here it will really make you say “I think I (wanna) Turn Japanese!”

Jay – the man of the shop adds a welcoming shopping environment while keeping the clothing labels current and specific.  His knowledge is intimidating…but inspiring.  Check out some of the information on the Atsui blog!  It certainly contrasts the ideolog, “fashion for fashion sake” (Oscar Wilde’s famous “Art for art’s sake” quote).  After reading the Why Japanese Denim?  blog entry and the numerous reasons explaining How Japanese Selvage denim is much more than just jeans, you begin to understand the art and precision to such clothing, which truely may be deemed fashion. 

Masako, who is usually present on the weekends adds the female touch to the store while ensuring a variety of womens clothing, especially in petite sizes.  Ladies who follow/read/look at stevonselects now you have reason to visit Atsui!  When talking with her I was informed that they receive many online sales due to fashionista’s searching for a particular brand.  Shoppers come from London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and more – which goes to show that people come virtually from around the world to visit an online store (which is only half as good as the real thing), a store that we in Seattle have in our backyard! 

If you can’t visit Tokyo anytime soon, go to Atsui!


1.) New spring line from Man of Moods

2.) Jean selection

3.) Local Model Sean Howell in Man of Moods

Store & more can be found at: