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I <3 Seattle Tee's – The Industry

May 29, 2009

Leave it to


a local men’s fashion boutique…

to blend fun, funk, and flavor in an iconic Seattle Tee. 

Found ONLY at The Industry Seattle
1826 6th Ave, Seattle WA 98101.  206.547.9961


(By Angie & Megan – owners)

 We Love Seattle
…And our tees say it all!
If you’ve lived in Seattle for more than thirty days you’ll start to develop a giant love for this city… whether its the food, scenery or the wonderful dog parks that give Charlie the opportunity to run in circles every Sunday afternoon; we live in a gorgeous place! Its been said that beauty inspires creativity and these shirts are prime example of how our city has been an inspiration for others.

Designed by one of our ever-so-talented interns, Francis, the tee on the left is a combination of our logo and Seattle’s sky line. We lovelovelove them. And yes, its quite the biased opinion 🙂 Sizes are limited so grab them while they last!
Ringo ‘Seattle Logo’ Tee: $29.50
The artist for Wet Cement made a recent trip to Seattle and snapped this cool picture of the intersection between Westlake and 6th Ave (right)…. and we just HAD to get it! The graphic is on a great burn-out tee, like all other Wet Cement products. Between the picture and the soft feel of the shirt, we know its a piece all Seattle-ites should have in their Summer wardrobe.
Wet Cement ‘Westlake’ Tee: $74.50


Seattle Fashion Week

April 15, 2009

Officially kicked off tonight @ Amber

Seattle Fashion Week

Jonas Jensen Fremont Studios
155 N 35th St, Seattle


04.15.09: Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Kickoff Party (invitational only)

**04.16.09: Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Independent Designers Fashion Show

04.17.09- Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Urban Fashion Show

**04.18.09- Seattle Fashion Week 2009- Couture Fashion fw

  • **Come  Saturday (04.16 & 04.18), that is the show I’m walking in – Plus you will see the introduction of two top new models; Vladik – Debut show,  Eriq –  First Seattle appearance!!     
  • Thursday features the independent designers, meaning fresher than retail clothes & design, whereas Saturday will be the Couture Show.

Ian – Fashion Boutique

March 21, 2009

2nd Ave – between Stewart & Virginia

a prestine industrial-like space neatly displays luxury denim labels while carrying a mixture of modern “clothing for men and women.”




From sportswear to streetwear and labels like; Nice CollectiveKicking Mule, Modern Amusement,  Engineered Garments, Loden Dager, Kill City, Cheap Monday, Splendid Mills, Penfield, Built by Wendy, Woo, Young Fabulous and Broke and Orthodox just to name a lot…   Ian stands out in a city known for its Urban Outfitter monotony.

ian stores = Seattle + Fremont & Capitol Hill

1919 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98101



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Everyone’s Talking :: Robert Geller

February 17, 2009

GQ, Vogue and yes, even Daniel Dy, are all talking, raving and mentioning the name Robert Geller!!   I read some very interesting views and critiques of his clothing…most of which summarized his work as being extraordinary & beautiful. 

However, even these editorial praises included such comments like the ones posted below – some of which seem contradictory to the beautiful comments, yet i am content to see them as opinions & constructive criticism

“The designer clearly has a thing for Tsarist militaris”    |   “He insisted that the stripes …were inspired by gypsies, but they also reminded one of prison uniforms.”  |  “accusations of Nazism”  |  “Geller offered up a vision that could have been extracted from a dark Transylvanian romance”

hehe – now for the selections – which i enjoyed


Geller was just recently awarded the GQ Mens Wear Prize, bringing unprecedented attention to his talent & designs.


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Philip Lim

February 15, 2009


3.1 Philip Lim

“beautiful clothes with added touches of madness, striving towards the imperfection”

Lim says, his clothes are meant to redefine as opposed to define.    Mixing classical with contemporary while reorganizing the rules of fashion, he  delivers approachable high-quality fashion.  Lim pays tremendous focus to the quality of fabrics while uniquely mixing heavy cashmeres, silk, worn cottons, and wools .

I would imagine Andre 3000 wearing these clothes.

Lim debuted his line fall of 2005 and has experienced instant success; being recognized for numerous prestigious awards & organization i.e. Vogue Magazine, Council of Fashion Designers of America, CGDA Swarovski Award for emerging Talent.


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Fashion not from Seattle?

February 15, 2009

Italian leather shoe maker – Fiorentini + Baker.fbrubtbnfb

It may not be from Seattle, but it certainly can be found here thanks to Barneys New York.   1st & 2nd floor of Pacific Place Mall, 600 Pine St

Attention Women:

For a fashion boutique in Seattle that sells Fiorentini + Baker, Roberto Del Carlo, n.d.c, Miho Masui, Callen Cordero and others check out      A mano – 1115 1st Avenue  in Seattle

The name is a blend of Italian & Spanish – to signify the majority of footwear carried as well as its literal translation “By Hand.”  This unique boutique beautifully and artfuly displays its shoes, bags and jewelry, while giving a craftmens feel towards its furnishings.  Their brands constantly change giving Seattle fashionistas a unique and broad selection. 

For more of this Fashion selection in Seattle visit:  |


French vs. American

February 8, 2009

A.P.C. vs. GAP

A.P.C. – the French brand that has often been synonomous in style to The Gap, are being compared in sense of fashion, fit and overall appeal. Feel free to comment! 

They both  consist of 3 letters.   They both make sensible clothing.

    But which is superior?  


A.P.C. – www.




**i’m not referencing Gap as high-end fashion, but then again every day life is not couture**

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