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Fashionable Trailers

June 26, 2009

fashionable automobiles – an entertaining video I found thanks to i luw fashion

i love these video shorts companies are doing – like the bmw short films.  This is the new world of Web 2.0, interactive & digital marketing:  MRM Worldwide case and point.  [I just interviewed with the Seattle office – fingers crossed, God knows…time will tell, the company is Деньги]

Renault – french automaker

Follow the Laguna Coupe through Berlin, Milan, Paris and London.  A movie trailer reminiscent of a fashion advertisement as opposed to an automobile promo.  The exquisit cinematography unveils societys love with the urban.  The style of film reminds me of Paris, je t’aime.  Enjoy, Au Revoir!


I’m having trouble embedding the videos  so click on the link below:

London:  weather reminded me of Seattle, whereas the videos style was captivating. 

Milan:  The fashion capital of the world – quintessential for a fashion blog!


IDS – Subfusco

March 7, 2009

subfusco3Romeo’s Closet by Subfusco




International Designer Showcase


Country/Designer:  Australia, Brisbane born designer,  Joshua Scacheri

SUBFUSCO, translated from Latin means deviated colour.  Scacheri, who pursured futbol in Italy fell in love with the elegance of Italian & European  fashion. 

Romeo’s closet is a visual & textile pursuit of a ‘modern take of the romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet.  It poses the question of what the contemporary Romeo would look like and more importantly what he would wear?’  His menswear consists of unique, bold, well made & tailored garmets that engage personal style.  His designs are inspired by the mixture of everday life, personalities, natural talents and cultures.

info & photos courtesy of


| fashion [needed] in seattle | seattle fashion design


IDS – Designers Remix Collection

January 13, 2009

International Designer Showcase

Designer:  Charlotte Eskildsen

Country: Denmark

Collection: Ready to Wear Spring Summer 09

Scandinavian clothing line designer, Designers Remix Collection, is said to be inspired by the unpredictability of women making for an “edgy and slightly askew” style.

Recently Ms. Eskildsen was nominated as the “Best Danish Designer” by her fashion peers and received the first Dansk Fashion Award.

“My designs are for positive, sophisticated women with poise and power…I love to intermingle different design elements in a way that re-defines femininity. And to give women a new reason for feeling beautiful.”

New reason for feeling beautiful?  Don’t all new clothes do that, ladies?



Bulgari Hotels

January 1, 2009


Its the eve of 2009 and I am here at a hotel…”my” hotel. Yes I am working. But not to despair I have the beautiful collection of Bulagri Hotels to show.  Cheers to 09!

Milano, Italia


Bali, Indonesia



Dolce & Gabbana – Cruise 09

December 30, 2008

The Quintessential fashion blog post

Dolce & Gabbana  Cruise 09

This may not be the first time you have seen these images, thus you may accuse me of being slow or behind the times. However I have been patiently holding back from posted such delight.  Sooner or later I would select D&G becuase it is more than necessary to include them on SS. 

Despite my patience it may be deemed unhealthy to be selecting photos of such optimistic weather since we in Seattle are being bombarded by snow and wind…okay a bit dramatic!!!  Yet the thought of a stylish sun-drenched cruise is beyond fantastic.  Enjoy!



IDS – Pringle

December 27, 2008


(Mens FW 08-09 Runway)

International Designer Showcase

Country:  Scotland

Label:  Pringle of Scotland

Established as the first luxury knitwear brand in 1815 by Robert Pringle, the brand Pringle has been known for giving innovation and inspiration to fashion. Popularizing cashmere knits and said to be the creator of Arglye it has been given appropriate credit and success. After three centuries Pringle continues to bring innovation, authenticity and glamour to luxury fashion.


(Pringle’s Ad Campaign – M/W 08-09)


FW 08-09 Daniele Alessandrini

December 25, 2008

Mens  Fall/Winter 08-09

Italian designer that I will definitely be revisiting!  Future additions will be Spring/Summer and Womens. Stay tuned…