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SMG Personality Profile

January 14, 2011

Model Profile:
Eriq with a Q: Run this city, nuff said
Enjoy the video and watch on Vimeo in HQ


SMG Street Exclusive

December 3, 2010

Testing out the t2i video feature.

Washed out the color and amped up the exposure…just for fun.

Nathan R. & Stephen R. video exclusive




September 24, 2009

Victoria, Eriq and I went to this party @ BoConcept last night “The Longest Release Party Worldwide” making a fashionably late entrance (well-sort-of-entrance).    What a fantastic place to have a party, pre set lounge areas, individual living room nooks where couples could intimately discuss …. politics!  Every great party requires a well designed floor plan.  


“Architecture is fashion”     “Interior Design is fashion” 

It was my first time to wear my recent YSL purchase:  black w/ gold YSL tee under a black skinny suit, black suede like skinny rockstar pants and black pointy dress shoes.  Of course had a watch & ring with tousled hair that I recently highlighted platinum.   Don’t know if it looked good but     Overall = fun

Here’s the shirt on Japanese Model:YSL


Retro Meets Metro :: Behind the Scenes

September 22, 2009

EXCLUSIVE behind the Scenes look @

the filming of theReign Back to OLD School Bash PROMO VIDEO

YMCA is still alive::
Dance performed to YMCA song by Village People
The Back to School Bash by promises to be funky fresh – retro – metro –


Photoshoot – Lords of Traintown

August 30, 2009

…more to come…




Shoot Ideas

August 26, 2009

I’ve been thinking and planning out an upcoming shoot for ….today.  Since I need to do another test shoot and build my book I’ve been putting my fashion, styling, and creative skills to the test. 

My two ideas:

 #1 – simple, creative prep w/ movement

Picture 26 Picture 27

#2 – lords of traintown

Picture 28Picture 29


July 3, 2009

great composition