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Fashionable Trailers

June 26, 2009

fashionable automobiles – an entertaining video I found thanks to i luw fashion

i love these video shorts companies are doing – like the bmw short films.  This is the new world of Web 2.0, interactive & digital marketing:  MRM Worldwide case and point.  [I just interviewed with the Seattle office – fingers crossed, God knows…time will tell, the company is Деньги]

Renault – french automaker

Follow the Laguna Coupe through Berlin, Milan, Paris and London.  A movie trailer reminiscent of a fashion advertisement as opposed to an automobile promo.  The exquisit cinematography unveils societys love with the urban.  The style of film reminds me of Paris, je t’aime.  Enjoy, Au Revoir!


I’m having trouble embedding the videos  so click on the link below:

London:  weather reminded me of Seattle, whereas the videos style was captivating. 

Milan:  The fashion capital of the world – quintessential for a fashion blog!


Timeless: Ferrari in the Riviera

May 2, 2009

Top Gear inspires me.

Richard Hammond and  Captain Slow (James May) participated in a race of time, style, and virtue – yes, good clean fun.  The premise revolves around Hammond making the statement that the only way to travel along the Italian Riviera is in the classic Ferrari Daytona. May insists one must charter the Riviera in a XSR 48 superboat – a vessel of pure power & technology, aka superboat on water.



if you haven’t seen it – you must


A+B = Art & BMW

May 2, 2009


BMW Z-4 featuring their newest technology – BMW Efficient Dynamics  an energy-saving mode, which emits less carbon without sacrificing driving pleasure.  Moving towards an efficient future.


Misson Motors

February 10, 2009

 Seattle is known for being very earth concious. That being so a selection of an electric motorcycle seems very apropos.  Introducing….



The Mission One Motorcylce proto-type boasts 150mph – the world’s fastest electric bike!

   Combining lithium-ion batteries with a high-performance electric motor yields zero emmissions & +100 foot lbs. of torque.  Interestingly enough this creates a flat torque curve.  Based on the fact that the bike has no gears, no clutch and absolutely no reason to shift – this machine delivers torque throughout the entire acceleration whether its 0-60mph or 0-150mph.

    Another impressive feature is the onboard electronic system.  It feature real-time data  recording as well as wireless transfer capabilities, meaning ride data may be transferred to a computer in order to analyze & enhance overal performance.  Lets just say, trade your wrench for a computer and your a Mission One mechanic! 

   Lastly, the Mission One genuises have created what they call “Regenerative Braking” meaning something, something, something….  They used the word kinetic energy and transfer to electric energy and sustainability alot…stuff I don’t quite understand!    So I recommend you just check out their website!  Enjoy!


Target Performance
Top Speed: 150mph
Range: 150 miles per charge (est. EPA drive cycle)
Recharge Time: Under 2 Hours @ 240V (8 Hours @ 120V)
  No Oil, gaskets, spark plug or timing belt Changes!

Bless Nathan’s <3

January 13, 2009

We share this love…of old cafe style racer bikes. Bless Nathan and the Italians!!!  Now watch the selection of sweet oldschool riding!



November 16, 2008

A 20 year agreement between Austin Motors of British Motor Corp. and Donald Healey, an exceptional automotive engineer, begat the classic British sportscar.  From 1952 until 1972 Austin-Healey gave us the illustrious roadster–now for the selections!

Austin Healeyhealeyhealeyhealeyhealey


Record-Racing Glory

October 25, 2008

ORIGINAL:    The Café racer, originally pronounced “caff” (as in Kaff), has its roots in the 1960s British counterculture group The Rockers, however these were also common in Italy, Germany and other European countries.

Rockers were a young and rebellious counterculture that wanted a fast, personalised and distinctive bike to travel between cafés and around British towns and cities. Rockers would race to selected points along the highway and back to the café before a single song would finish on the cafés jukebox, thus record-racing was born…and the inspiration behind the gorgeous Ducati Sport Classic GT!