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September 24, 2009

Victoria, Eriq and I went to this party @ BoConcept last night “The Longest Release Party Worldwide” making a fashionably late entrance (well-sort-of-entrance).    What a fantastic place to have a party, pre set lounge areas, individual living room nooks where couples could intimately discuss …. politics!  Every great party requires a well designed floor plan.  


“Architecture is fashion”     “Interior Design is fashion” 

It was my first time to wear my recent YSL purchase:  black w/ gold YSL tee under a black skinny suit, black suede like skinny rockstar pants and black pointy dress shoes.  Of course had a watch & ring with tousled hair that I recently highlighted platinum.   Don’t know if it looked good but     Overall = fun

Here’s the shirt on Japanese Model:YSL


A+B = Art & BMW

May 2, 2009


BMW Z-4 featuring their newest technology – BMW Efficient Dynamics  an energy-saving mode, which emits less carbon without sacrificing driving pleasure.  Moving towards an efficient future.


Website Art

January 16, 2009

What I may appreciate most about fashion is that it encorporates and includes whole spectrum of the arts.  Fashion shows exhibit lighting and set design, websites parade creative graphic and visual art, while clothing is an art form itself.  With each new clothing line selected come the discovery of a new artist.

Please view this very entertaining and amusing website.

Selections form Shipley & Halmos



Etsuko Ichikawa

December 4, 2008

Art for a change

Artist Statement

“My work is a continuing investigation of what lies between the ephemeral and the eternal.” fgallery1-11Etsuko Ichikawa is a Tokyo-born, Seattle-based visual artist and

Her body of works are examples of creating something tangible from abstract concepts, and psychology has been her primary source of inspiration.

Her main mediums of design are glass and paper and works include many public architectural installations from Japan, HK, Western Europe…and our very own, Seattle.