Marc Von Borstel – Seattle Photographer

May 15, 2009

I recently went to Swan Lake  with a valued friend – at the compliment of one of the Pacific Northwest Ballerinas, also a dear friend…

it was beautiful. 

Swan Lake is the paramount Ballet for traditional works and I had long been wanting to see it.  So thank you JA. 

Thus Swan Lake [and prompting by a certain ballerina]  is responsible for this post.   Yes, fashion is quite evident during ballet’s;  from the conductor, ballerina’s, and patrons to the audience and even doormen.  But the movementand form of the human figure is the reason for fashion…  and Marc Von Borstel [one of  seattle’s best fashion photographers] does a brilliant job capturing this.



  1. right…fashion.

    great pictures.

  2. Marc,

    You came highly recommended by the SMG. I’m a former actor that has been looking at getting back into some work and need to update some shots. To be frank, I need a photo shop wizard (character actor with tatoos, broken nose, etc) who can “clean me up.”
    Cost really isnt a factor, call or email at your convenience.


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