Dunhill – Spring Summer 09

March 21, 2009

dunhill caters to the needs of the discerning man, from formal and casual menswear, to handcrafted leather goods through to fine men’s jewellery…etc”   I pray for discernment… but have never in regard to fashion!








quotes & photos courtesy of dunhill.com/en-gb

Alfred Dunhill – founder

 Dunhill began his entrepreneurial career as a manufactuerer of pipes & tobacco related goods; being the first to import Cuban cigars to Europe. He is particularily famous for the invention of the Dunhill lighter which hada flame designed to withstand strong wind.  Eventually he began to fashion superior luxury goods and accessories to outfit the European Gentleman.  Above is the modern gentleman displayed by Jude Law = stud.



  1. Jude is ay nako! handsome. lol 😛

  2. Jude Law looks sexy as always!
    Pictures are fantastic, loved it! Love the style. This is how i want my man to be dressed.

  3. Kasandra & Kathleen
    thank you for the comments!

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