Finer Fashion

March 14, 2009


Canlis is known for the exquisite cuisine, but what many of you did not know is the sophistication in which they dress.  Mainly due to the pocket square and commanding IWC Timepiece, managing owner Mark Canlis has become a stevon selection. 


When complimenting the square, and hinting that I also was thinking of wearing one that evening, Mark made mention of the accessory closet the restaurant managers pool together. These band of brothers are often suited by Mario’s
in labels by Hugo, D&G, Brioni, Zegna as well as custom tailored shirts.
In this case the accessorizing (squares & ties..etc) are hand picked by Seattle’s satorialist – Mark Canlis.


  1. Canlis has arrived…world leaders in fine dining & now in fashion. When is the GQ spread?

  2. ummm… hello? where’s brian in all his GQ glory?

  3. Hey-
    Great site!
    You need to check out my brother’s company Lussori.com if you are a watch/timepiece kinda guy!

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