Exceptional Cuisine…

March 14, 2009
2576 Aurora Ave N 
WA 98109 



If the tantalizing sampling of first course items weren’t enough;

Kona Kampachi
avocado, soy and hot mustard

Tenderloin Bites
scallions and housemade teriyaki

Truffle Fries
seasoned with fine herbs canlis




images do not reflect description above
photos courtesy of Canlis.com

[If the tantalizing sampling of first course items weren’t enough]  then the saporous dessert should have satisfied us;

Chocolate Covered Chocolate     (repetitive name yet heavenly)
molten chocolate cake with a triple chocolate ice cream pop

Bread Pudding    (best i’ve had)
panettone bread pudding with dried fruit compote, milk chocolate black pepper ice cream and vanilla sabayon



My father’s purpose of dining, other than us taking him there for his birthday – was to sample the assortment of Clover brewed coffees. 

It would be a bit lenthy to describe both in process and detail thus i’ve included the picture of Mark  Canlis showing my dad & uncles the clover brewing process and the official Clover link.   

Just think of the precise brew you would get with a design from Boeing Engineers costing over $11k!



One comment

  1. trying to start a turf war, are we?? jeesh….I thought you could be trusted…

    hahah much love stevon!! 🙂 (and yummmmy chocolate, way better looking that barolo!!!)

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