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Architecture Meets Fashion

March 26, 2009

Neil Barrett 

Coming from a British heritage of master tailors, Barrett was introduced to the art of fashion at an early age.  After a master degree in mens fashion he worked for Italian giant Gucci, Prada & even had a collaboration with Puma.  

In 1999 Barrett launched his self-named label and in 2006 this amazing store was opened in Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan.  I think there are strong coorelations between fashion & design.  Everything from the design lines, inspirations and philosophy –

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”   –   Coco Chanel 

Flagship store in Tokyo, Japan.

Architecture design by Zaha Hadid Architects

A few selections, from his label described as:    “his signature style stems from his reworking of iconic men’s wear details and fit.  The product’s broad appeal lies in Neils ability to combine timeless quality, wearability and fashion trend.”







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Dunhill – Spring Summer 09

March 21, 2009

dunhill caters to the needs of the discerning man, from formal and casual menswear, to handcrafted leather goods through to fine men’s jewellery…etc”   I pray for discernment… but have never in regard to fashion!








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Alfred Dunhill – founder

 Dunhill began his entrepreneurial career as a manufactuerer of pipes & tobacco related goods; being the first to import Cuban cigars to Europe. He is particularily famous for the invention of the Dunhill lighter which hada flame designed to withstand strong wind.  Eventually he began to fashion superior luxury goods and accessories to outfit the European Gentleman.  Above is the modern gentleman displayed by Jude Law = stud.


Ian – Fashion Boutique

March 21, 2009

2nd Ave – between Stewart & Virginia

a prestine industrial-like space neatly displays luxury denim labels while carrying a mixture of modern “clothing for men and women.”




From sportswear to streetwear and labels like; Nice CollectiveKicking Mule, Modern Amusement,  Engineered Garments, Loden Dager, Kill City, Cheap Monday, Splendid Mills, Penfield, Built by Wendy, Woo, Young Fabulous and Broke and Orthodox just to name a lot…   Ian stands out in a city known for its Urban Outfitter monotony.

ian stores = Seattle + Fremont & Capitol Hill

1919 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98101



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Finer Fashion

March 14, 2009


Canlis is known for the exquisite cuisine, but what many of you did not know is the sophistication in which they dress.  Mainly due to the pocket square and commanding IWC Timepiece, managing owner Mark Canlis has become a stevon selection. 


When complimenting the square, and hinting that I also was thinking of wearing one that evening, Mark made mention of the accessory closet the restaurant managers pool together. These band of brothers are often suited by Mario’s
in labels by Hugo, D&G, Brioni, Zegna as well as custom tailored shirts.
In this case the accessorizing (squares & ties..etc) are hand picked by Seattle’s satorialist – Mark Canlis.

Exceptional Cuisine…

March 14, 2009
2576 Aurora Ave N 
WA 98109 



If the tantalizing sampling of first course items weren’t enough;

Kona Kampachi
avocado, soy and hot mustard

Tenderloin Bites
scallions and housemade teriyaki

Truffle Fries
seasoned with fine herbs canlis




images do not reflect description above
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[If the tantalizing sampling of first course items weren’t enough]  then the saporous dessert should have satisfied us;

Chocolate Covered Chocolate     (repetitive name yet heavenly)
molten chocolate cake with a triple chocolate ice cream pop

Bread Pudding    (best i’ve had)
panettone bread pudding with dried fruit compote, milk chocolate black pepper ice cream and vanilla sabayon



My father’s purpose of dining, other than us taking him there for his birthday – was to sample the assortment of Clover brewed coffees. 

It would be a bit lenthy to describe both in process and detail thus i’ve included the picture of Mark  Canlis showing my dad & uncles the clover brewing process and the official Clover link.   

Just think of the precise brew you would get with a design from Boeing Engineers costing over $11k!



IDS – Subfusco

March 7, 2009

subfusco3Romeo’s Closet by Subfusco




International Designer Showcase


Country/Designer:  Australia, Brisbane born designer,  Joshua Scacheri

SUBFUSCO, translated from Latin means deviated colour.  Scacheri, who pursured futbol in Italy fell in love with the elegance of Italian & European  fashion. 

Romeo’s closet is a visual & textile pursuit of a ‘modern take of the romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet.  It poses the question of what the contemporary Romeo would look like and more importantly what he would wear?’  His menswear consists of unique, bold, well made & tailored garmets that engage personal style.  His designs are inspired by the mixture of everday life, personalities, natural talents and cultures.

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Seattle Fashion Boutique :: Blackbird

March 3, 2009

Men of Seattle,

you should have already known…but if not beholdBlackbird. 

They carry some great labels like; KZO (i’ll tell you a NEW place to find this one), Rag & Bone, Shipley & Halmos,  Robert Geller, Diet Butcher Slim Skin, Wings + Horns,  Band of Outsiders, APC, Brixton hats, Zuriick shoes, and thats just to name a few.


So where do the hippest Seattlites shop?

5410 22nd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

or visit Blackbird online.

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