Fashion in Seattle – Atsui Tokyo

January 30, 2009

Should a clothing store depict local style, or should a sophisticated & authentic boutique integrate International and imported fashions?

—– Here’s the catch (for those local), Seattle fashion consists of North Face & Patagonia.  Good if your in the Himalaya’s but not good enough to be deemed fashion —–


Atsui Tokyo – is a boutique that displays sophistication & authenticity.  Tucked in a basement-like space off Madison St., Atsui’s clothing labels live up to the store thesis:  “Cutting-Edge Designer Fashion from, Tokyo, Japan for Men & Women.”  If the bright red A-board on 1st St. doesn’t capture your attention, then the selection will!    They stock brands like Mr. Olive, Man of Moods, Hysteric, Cookie Fortune and Filly O’Lynx.  Labels that any proper Japanese fashionista would adore!   Not familiar with such brands?! 

That is exactly why this is a Stevon Selection, as well as trying to assist Atsui Tokyo in their appeal to integrate International and imported Fashion to Seattle.  The atmosphere is nothing like that of a basement, especially with the perpetual “Poppy-Dancelike” Tokyo Cruise Compilation CD playing in the background.  After shopping here it will really make you say “I think I (wanna) Turn Japanese!”

Jay – the man of the shop adds a welcoming shopping environment while keeping the clothing labels current and specific.  His knowledge is intimidating…but inspiring.  Check out some of the information on the Atsui blog!  It certainly contrasts the ideolog, “fashion for fashion sake” (Oscar Wilde’s famous “Art for art’s sake” quote).  After reading the Why Japanese Denim?  blog entry and the numerous reasons explaining How Japanese Selvage denim is much more than just jeans, you begin to understand the art and precision to such clothing, which truely may be deemed fashion. 

Masako, who is usually present on the weekends adds the female touch to the store while ensuring a variety of womens clothing, especially in petite sizes.  Ladies who follow/read/look at stevonselects now you have reason to visit Atsui!  When talking with her I was informed that they receive many online sales due to fashionista’s searching for a particular brand.  Shoppers come from London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and more – which goes to show that people come virtually from around the world to visit an online store (which is only half as good as the real thing), a store that we in Seattle have in our backyard! 

If you can’t visit Tokyo anytime soon, go to Atsui!


1.) New spring line from Man of Moods

2.) Jean selection

3.) Local Model Sean Howell in Man of Moods

Store & more can be found at: http://www.shop.atsuitokyo.com             


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