Seattle / Bellevue Men’s Fashion Boutique

January 20, 2009



I picked my favorite clothing store…closest to the computer I am working at right now.

Marqsmen.  It is in Bellevue – don’t laugh, its legitimate!  Yes, yes Belle-Gay or AfflictionLand (affliction being the clothing brand).  Whatever!   Marqsmen was featured in this years:  Esquire’s {The} Big Black Book!!


Marcus, the man who runs the show (and owns the store) does a fantastic  job buying as many of his labels are unique to Seattle.  His recent National and International soujourning brings back labels such as, McQ Alexander McQueen, Trovata, Jack Spade, Yohji Yamamoto & Martin Margiela.  For the usual Seattle – Bellevue crowd he carries tedious Nordstrom-like labels;  7 For All Man Kind, Rock & Republic & Earnest Sewn.   You can find more at http://marqsmen.com/

Fortunately Fashion in Seattle is expanding.  As it does, I will keep you updated on events, stores and general info. I will select the things worth your while and even those I do not particularily desire…Besides its up to each one to decide – the reason I have included polls on each post!



  1. That seems like a great store, i will check it out once i visit Seattle!

  2. hmm…can’t say i share the same affinity for the labels at Marqsmen. the only one that stands out to me is Margiela and even then his stuff has been declining over the past few years..not to mention his price-points have been skyrocketing as well.

    have you checked out blackbird in seattle? amidst the usual designers that other retailers carry, they have a few gems like robert geller, julius, repetto, and dbss. they also started carrying one of my new favorite labels– odyn vovk.

  3. Excellent insight Daniel!
    Blackbird will be blogged about soon! keep checking in.
    Concerning some of the labels you listed, I’m happy to learn more!!! yet, some of the others I’m not as inclined to….yet everyone should know and appreciate geller by now, especially after the massive endorsement & award from GQ!

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