Armani Hotels & Resorts

January 9, 2009


In 2005 an agreement between Giorgio Armani and Mohamed Ali Alabbar set into affect the creation of Armani Hotels and Resorts. 

Milano – Hotel

   The exclusive flagship property is said to open late 2009, consisting of 95 guestrooms and suites, an Armani Spa, gourmet restaurant and business facilities.

Dubai – Hotel and Residencies

   Situated in the Burj Dubai which will be known as the worlds tallest residential and commercial tower; 700m tall including 162 above ground floors.  The Hotel includes 160 guest rooms and suites, Private Members Club, two gourmet restaurants and a nightclub.  Furthermore 160 stylish and sophisticated residencies all designed by Armani will be included within the tower levels 9-16.  Currently scheduled to open sometime in 2009.

Here are a few photos of the Armani showrooms and the project during various phases.

armani1armani2armani3Burj Dubaiburjdubai



  1. I am a HUGE fan of this site!!! After reading all the fashionable and trendy posts on this blog I can safely say that I myself have been more fashionable in my everyday life. From the great fashion tips to the amazing yet oh so tasty pictures of beautiful hotels and skyscapers this is by far the best blog around. I think that this blog has great appeal to people like “US”!

    ( 0 )

  2. Why thank you Davie.
    Let me know what you enjoy most, and I will try to select accordingly.


  3. Armani hotels! I had no idea, ridiculous! (in a fabulous way). I’ve been seeing a lot of funky hats lately and Lord knows we all have a bad hair day here and there, what say you to a segment on hats? Just food for thought.

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