CELEBRATION: 1000 hits!!!

December 17, 2008

∞ Stevonselects.com has reached 1000 views ∞

  To celebrate a new banner has been displayed!  No more sparkly Vespa’s!

 Denge v’Bancy

Banner Design by Kathleen Hebert.  She is a freelance graphic artist, UW business student, mestizo mafia member and my friend!  See more at  www.myspace.com/katberrypie

1000 views, it didn’t take that long right?  Part of October, All of November and half of December.  Not “too popular” due to blogging standards, but there is only way  after this – up.  Thank you all friends mostly who have viewed, commented and appreciated my efforts. Im not exactly sure why I am doing this, blogging that is…But we will see how this might uniquely evolve. Again, I must reiterate, All Glory be unto God and Jesus Christ.  Because really anything I do goes back to  my appreciation and love in my Creator and Savior.


One comment

  1. WOOT WOOT! 1,000 hits is a G, baby! Haha I’m glad you liked the banner. I can make you another one anytime. Because of your love of fashion, I think you should work for a brand from a corporate aspect mos def.

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