Patrik Ervell

November 10, 2008

I miss the sun… so here is

Patrik Ervell’s Spring/Summer 09


The last year and a half we’ve seen alot of stripped crews, polo’s, and sweaters…here’s a creative twist of what we’ve been seeing.  *notice the shoes*

Patrik Ervell, another Swedish designer!  Born in San Francisco, California in ’78 he eventually graduated from UC- Berkeley, with a Political Science and Art History degree. 3 years as an editor at V Magazine in NY and then in 2005 he launched his personal line. He won the Ecco Domani Award for best menswear designer a year later!  Wallpaper Magazine (one of my fav’s) awarded him the same honor later 2006.  In 2007 he was nominated for the CFDA Swarovski menswear and finally….

 Ervell’s Third runway collection:  Fall/Winter 2008


One comment

  1. I really like Ervell’s stuff. Most mens wear is kind of boring and unoriginal. I like that he’s trying something new and it’s not completely masculine, but making it work for men without making it look fruity. It’s refreshing and stylish. Yeah for Patrick! (2nd to the bottom is my favorite, love the striped pants.)

    I like your blog. I have a fashion/art blog too….there’s just nothing really on it yet. ha ha I am a slacker!

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